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Hot Dog Tray/Brown Cardboard BTHD

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Per Sleeve - 125pcs

Hotdog Takeaway Tray, perfect to showcase your hotdog and all it’s beautiful colours and textures in an open packaged tray; as well as seafood/BBQ skewers and burger sliders. Suitable for hot and cold food. Food safe. Made from all-natural paper cardboard material, these takeaway containers are biodegradable and compostable.  This cardboard range is eye-catching, strong and durable and is a fantastic budget alternative to our corrugated range. Unique and innovative with a white inside and brown Kraft on the outside of all packaging. Also available in various shapes and sizes – you are sure to find the best match for your food.

Unit Size: 190 x 70 x 50mm
Product USPs - Star Packaging
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Introducing our Hotdog Takeaway Tray - the perfect solution for showcasing your hotdogs, seafood/BBQ skewers, and burger sliders in an open, packaged tray that highlights all the beautiful colours and textures of your food. These versatile containers are suitable for both hot and cold food, and are completely food-safe.

Made from all-natural paper cardboard material, these takeaway trays are not only eco-friendly but also biodegradable and compostable. Our unique cardboard range is both eye-catching and durable, making it an excellent budget alternative to our corrugated range.

Each tray features a white interior and a brown Kraft exterior for a unique and innovative look that is sure to grab the attention of your customers. And with a variety of shapes and sizes available, you're sure to find the perfect match for your food presentation needs. So, make the switch to our Hotdog Takeaway Tray for a stylish, sustainable, and practical way to serve your food.

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Per Carton – 250pcs, Per Sleeve – 125pcs





Size 190 x 70 x 50mm - per unit measurement
UoM Per Sleeve - 125pcs
Archived SKU 034198 125 x 250


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