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Cafetto Grinder Cleaner effectively removes coffee oils, deposits and flavoured coffee odours from grinder burrs and casings, improving performance and extending the service life of the grinder. Cafetto Grinder Cleaner is a 100% natural grain-based formula certified as an organic and gluten-free cleaner.

Unit Size: 450g

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What's included:
1 x 450g Cafetto Grinder Cleaner


  1. Empty all coffee from the grinder.
  2. Add one capful of Grinder Clean into the grinder.
  3. Operate the grinder.
  4. Empty the grinder dosing chamber of any residue from the Grinder Cleaner and use a brush to remove any dust.
  5. To season the grinder burrs, repeat the above process once using coffee beans.
  6. Your grinder is now ready for use.


  • Made with natural grains
  • Food safe
  • Gluten-free
  • Organic


  • Do not use this cleaner in grinders that are built-in to espresso machines.
  • A small amount of dust may develop during grinding, which is harmless. Simply wipe off any dust particles from the hopper, spout, and doser.

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Size 450g - per unit measurement
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